Unfortunately, in today's society an abundance of opportunities and temptations exist for a partner to betray you and begin to cheat.

It is often enabled by a multitude of dating sites, massage parlours, brothels, street workers,  work colleagues and worse still, friends in common!

The risk of acquiring serious sexually transmitted infections is very real if your partner has betrayed you with others!

Let us get you the facts.

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Tell-tale signs that often indicate a cheating partner include:

  • Partner is suddenly overprotective when it comes to their mobile phone/lap top/computer and/or has changed all the access codes
  • Partner suddenly spends far more time "at work" than they have in the past and longer periods away from home 
  • Partner fails to answer phone calls/texts from you on a more frequent basis and concocts a multitude of false stories in an attempt to explain these periods of being uncontactable
  • Partner becomes distant and argumentative
  • Partner has a sudden interest in improving their physique/puts more effort into their apperance than ever before
  • Partner begins to purchase better clothing
  • Partner begins to do their own washing which they never previously did
  • Partner has decreased desire for sexual activity with you or has as increased interest and begins performing new sexual activities never before performed that have most likely been learned elsewhere

If you have observed any of these behaviours and you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, then contact BUST-A-CHEAT Investigations for a free private and confidential discussion and put an end to the betrayal.

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  • Get a rapid "essentials" birds-eye assessment of situation
  • Any critical actions to avoid or stop doing
  • What to do to stay safe and legal
  • An action plan for next steps

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Common Signs of Cheating