It's natural to feel concern for the well being and safety of your children whilst in the care of ex partner.  

For some of our clients, this concern extends to fear as they suspect an unsafe environment is being provided by their ex partner.

We've seen instances of abuse, drug and alcohol misuse, dangerous driving, neglect, even criminal activity.

There have also been instances of unsuitable home environments, court intervention orders being breached and ex partners often dodging child custody payments, claiming they are not earning an income when they are!

Through a carefully planned and confidential surveillance engagement, we may be able to prove that your children are not being well cared for by your former partner and also gather and provide evidence which in turn can help you to support your case for child custody payments.

If you have an intervention order against an ex partner and they are breaching it our investigators' can capture on surveillance video any breaches and provide the crucial evidence to the police, allowing them to prove your case, as Police unfortunately often don't have the resources to respond to and witness such breaches, meaning that without a Private Investigation that these matters are almost impossible to prove.

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Common Signs of Cheating
Common Signs of Cheating

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Common Signs of Cheating