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Do you suspect your spouse or partner is cheating? Are they unaccountable for stretches at a time or seem more irritable or aggressive than before? Perhaps they spend more time in the office, or have become protective of their phone.

No matter the signs you've been picking up on lately, we understand the frustration and confusion that comes along with suspected infidelity. We know that in most cases where cheating is suspected the suspicions are warranted, which is why we specialise in supporting spouses in finding the truth when their trust has worn thin.

BUST-A-CHEAT is a Melbourne-based private investigation team helping spouses and partners in Essendon and across Melbourne secure the complete story, and irrefutable evidence of their partner's wrongdoings.

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The value of seasoned private investigators

Cheating spouses often go to great length to disguise their infidelity which is why the last thing you'd want is for a clumsy and inexperienced private detective to alert them that they're watched.  In order to secure the full truth and irrefutable evidence it's crucial that the private investigator you choose to hire is not only thorough and experienced, but also understands that discretion is paramount.

We hire only well-regarded ex policemen with extensive private investigation experience to join our ranks. Because we understand the delicate value of infidelity investigation, we solely specialise in these cases. That's why, when you hire one of our private detectives to investigate your partner, you'll get the best.

With an array of investigative tools available to us we leave no stone unturned, meanwhile ensuring that your partner is unaware they are being investigated. Contact BUST-A-CHEAT today for a free discussion on all your suspicions with Essendon's most esteemed private investigators.


Private detectives helping Essendon spouses secure the full truth

We understand that unearthing potential cheating is a difficult and confusing time. From the very first phone call and throughout the investigation process we work closely and discretely with our clients. Our investigators are compassionate to you and the difficult process you'll go through together. When you call us on, trust that you've got an expert team on your side to support you and procure the evidence you require to make an educated decision in the future.

Hire Essendon's most esteemed private investigators at BUST-A-CHEAT today by calling 1300 850 379 or emailing info@bustacheat.com.au.