Q:How much will an investigation cost me?

Surveillance Investigations start at $475.00

Due to the variables involved in an investigation and the outcomes sought it is impossible to calculate an exact figure to complete an entire investigation, however we can create a package to suit any client.

Investigations require a minimum of (1) investigator and more often than not require (2) investigators to work together to complete a successful investigation.

Sometimes even more investigators are required and the costs rise consequently per investigator used. We can produce some results for $475 and on other occasions costs can be in excess of this figure.

It really is a time based exercise until the evidence required is obtained. 

It is best to contact the team at BAC, so that a more detailed quote can be provided based on your particular circumstances. Minimum charge out fee of (5) hours.

$95.00 an hour between 6am and 6pm.

$130.00 an hour between 6pm and 6am.

Background Checks $495.00 - using our highly sophisticated private investigator's tool box, not available to the general public, we dig deep, to provide you with information that can be hidden deep within the internet, social media and other hard to find places! 

Q: Is it legal to have someone put under covert surveillance?

BUST A CHEAT Investigations are licensed and vetted by the Victoria Police Licensing Division to conduct lawful investigations on your behalf and are specially trained and empowered to do so.

We operate strictly under the applicable state law and targeted surveillance is one of the few legal options available to investigators in this day and age to enable us to get you the proof you need.

Video surveillance evidence tells the truth, when your partner will not.

Q: What exactly is covert surveillance investigation?

This is the art of following a subject (person of interest) and documenting what they do and who they meet without them knowing the are under surveillance and reporting back to the client with video evidence captured.

Q: Will my partner know if i have hired a surveillance investigation into them?

In the very unlikely event that you are ever questioned, you should never tell your partner that they are under investigation, as this will clearly negatively impact the investigation.

Whilst it seems obvious, for a whole host of reasons, your partner should also never be alerted to the fact that you have them under surveillance.

Our surveillance Investigation team are experts at blending into the background and remaining unnoticed and have been trained specifically in this skill set, so that if your partner was ever suspicious, there would be no way for them to know exactly who or why they were being followed.

Sometimes it may be necessary for our surveillance team to break contact and pick up surveillance sometime later to maintain the integrity of the investigation in order to optimise the results on your behalf.

Whatever the scenario, we will at all times act in your best interests.

Q: How much notice is required before an investigation is commenced?

When we have all the information required to successfully prepare for your investigation and you are ready to proceed with the quotation provided, we can have agent/s ready to proceed to location in a very short period of time, once the surveillance agreement document and terms of conditions have been signed, acknowledged and a deposit paid.

The quicker you contact the team at BAC the sooner we can begin getting you the answers you need!