Hire a Private Infidelity Investigator in Parkdale

Do you suspect your partner may be cheating or not telling you the full truth? When distrust has entered the relationship, only the truth can remove it. BUST-A-CHEAT is an expert team consisting of ex-police and highly trained private investigators, helping spouses, partners, and soon-to-be partners get to the bottom of their partner's affairs through discreet means.

If you'd like to secure a free, confidential discussion with an expert infidelity detective about your suspicions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today.


Tell-tale signs of cheating

Is your partner spending longer at the office, or has suddenly become protective about their phones and laptops? Perhaps they're irritable where they before were calm, or they smell of an unknown perfume or cologne. No matter what has aroused your suspicion, our experience is that if you are suspicious, you may have good reason to be.

With passcode protected phones and numerous dating apps and websites, cheating (and hiding it) is easier than ever before. We work closely with our clients to get to the truth when their partners won't tell it.


Why you should hire a professional private investigator

Unearthing infidelity is a delicate matter. The last thing you want is your partner finding out that you've hired someone to investigate their fidelity, or that unprofessional investigative work comes to the wrong conclusions.

All our private investigators are highly trained who specialise in infidelity. When you hire one of our private investigators you can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned, and all work will be conducted completely discreet and confidential.  

We use state of the art camera equipment and work using the most current of investigative techniques, and always work with discretion and your best interest in mind. If your partner is cheating, we'll not only find out, but we'll procure irrefutable evidence.


Get in touch with your Parkdale private investigator today

We know that experiencing cheating is a hurtful and confusing time. Getting to the bottom of it can help empower you and can help guide you in what to do next. Hire a private investigator today by calling 1300 850 379 or emailing info@bustacheat.com.au.