Keep clients safe, expand your legal options, and generate referrals for your practice


Are you a family law solicitor, with either one of the following types of clients?

  1. Parents who fear their children are in unsafe situations that need to get the truth about their ex's parenting behaviour, so they can ensure the safety of their children?

Common Signs of Cheating
  1. Parents who suspect their ex-partners are working when they're claiming they're not  - and are not paying child support as they are supposed to.

Common Signs of Cheating
  1. Spouses with suspected cheating partners who need the truth about their partner's behaviour so they can make the best and most informed decision on what to do next?

Would you be interested in a service which:

Common Signs of Cheating
  • Increases your clients safety,

  • Further expands your legal options,

  • Obtaininformation and results quickly and lawfully, 

And ultimately.. creates gratitude and referrals for your practice?

As Director of BUST A CHEAT Investigations, I assist family lawyers and solicitors to offer a more comprehensive and streamlined service to their clients.

I provide elite Private Investigation Surveillance Services as a way to do this - and I do it a little differently.

A Unique Approach:

  1. I believe strongly in professional integrity, and that when we comply fully with the law we not only get results that are legally admissible but that we can also be proud of.

  2. I follow a unique Investigation methodology, which combines precision with discretion.  This combination allows us to get the job done often quickly and at all times legally, while at the same time maintaining respect, displaying common sense and anonymity for all parties involved.

  3. My work is based on 3 core pillars of Ethics, Experience, and Understanding - details of which are outlined in the table below:


Which means - Peace of mind. Clients sleep well at night knowing that everything we are doing is lawful, and that our investigations are discreet.
Features - Adhering 100% to the law, following strict internal codes of conduct, upholding rights of all parties involved, sticking strictly to the brief, with fact finding and the safety of all involved, being the number priority of our company.
Not - Using illegal surveillance techniques and devices, selling surveillance equipment to clients (as unscrupulous competitors do), advising clients to break the law or put themselves in danger


Which means - Capability. You can trust that the investigation is going to be done efficiently, swiftly and cost effectively as possible.
Features - State of the art equipment, vehicles and training.  100% of our operatives are highly skilled with extensive investigative experience, skill and a proven history of performance. All Investigators are vetted and licenced by the Victorian Police Licencing Branch
Not -  Employing inexperienced and unlicensed PI's, as other companies do in order to maximise profits


Which means - Working with our clients unique needs. Forming creative solutions outside the box for more complex investigations, deploying common sense.
Features - Elite level social, negotiation, and street skills. Human understanding used to generate creative solutions to problems, appreciation and respect of all perspectives.
Not - "Technical Skills only" operatives without common sense, human understanding, or sensitivity to individual client needs.

So how did this unique approach come about? Read on for my story so far..


Looking back on growing up, I was inspired by the simpler times and the fantastic family environment I grew up in, with my hardworking mother and father.   I was encouraged to participate in sports and become well educated and relate well to my peers.

We had ethics.

We knew right from wrong.

Your word was your bond.

We were taught to respect others, especially the elderly and those less fortunate.

I believe that unfortunately these values are often sadly lacking today.


My time in the Victorian Police taught me many tremendous life lessons, including elite high level persuasion and communication skills.  I was able to successfully communicate to everyone from the public, to criminals, right up to high ranking politicians and officials. 

I also learned the technical skills required to investigate within the law, and achieve successful results.  Motivation, teamwork, and serving the community were all traits that were keenly embraced by many of us as serving members.  This was "real world experience."

I valued my entire career in the Police service tremendously, and everything it provided me with - both good and bad.   However it was clear to me that big change was required in my professional life, one where I was able to impact people's lives in an even bigger, more positive way.


One of the biggest challenges I faced was transitioning out of the Police Force.  Like any big change, there was a feeling of uncertainty as to what would happen next.  

The only thing that was for sure was that change was going to happen - how it was going to unfold, I didn't know.

Could I trust in my professional integrity to get me through?


The answer is a resounding yes.

What did I do?  I remained positive and took action that aligned with my professional integrity.

After working for a variety of Private Investigation companies, I decided to start my own company (BUST A CHEAT INVESTIGATIONS) which I believed would reward my precision and hard work and allow me to regularly obtain optimum results for my clients by using the correct methods of investigation.

Helping people is what I love to do.

For my clients.

And this is the service I now bring to my clients.

One that is based on absolute professional integrity.

I believe it is a unique approach to Private Investigations that combines precision with discretion.

It relies upon the 3 pillars of Ethics, Experience and Understanding.

My aim is to help clients to
  • stay safe,
  • obtain the lawful information they require,
  • and help them to get on with living a less complicated and stressful existence.

One that will lead them to the  "simpler life and times" that I experienced when I was growing up.

Next steps..

If you like what you've read so far, and can see value in a quick meeting,
I would suggest the following next step...

"Due Diligence"
Integrity Assessment Meeting

  • In Person/Phone Call/Skype - 30 mins
  • Assess my business, integrity and personality
  • Ask any question that you may have
  • Work out whether we are a good fit for each others business


I'll also let you know about my FREE "SITUATION ASSESSMENT" CALL that I offer to clients in need (where they can get a rapid "essentials" high level assessment of situation, and any critical actions to avoid to stay safe and legal).