Toorak's Discreet and Diligent Infidelity Investigators

There's no getting around that Infidelity is on the increase in Melbourne. Whether your partner is irritable, uncontactable, secretive, or absent - if you suspect that your partner is cheating it is time to call our elite private investigation team. It is estimated that in over 90% of cases that suspicions of infidelity turn out to be correct. BUST-A-CHEAT Investigations helps husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends across Toorak and beyond secure irrefutable evidence of their partner's infidelity.

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Why we are the preferred infidelity private detectives

Investigating a partner for potential infidelity is a delicate matter. Hiring an unprofessional and indiscreet detective can alert your partner that they are investigated making further chances of busting them in the act of cheating that much harder! We specialise solely in infidelity cases because we know how painful being cheated on feels. We hire only the best Private Investigators Melbourne and use state-of-the-art equipment for our Investigations to ensure that no stone is left unturned in gaining the evidence required. If they are cheating, you want irrefutable evidence, and a discreet process will ensure that.

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Once doubt has entered a relationship only the full truth can eradicate it. If you find your partner's stories coming up short, we suggest you hire a private investigator to unearth the truth for you. With BUST-A-CHEAT Investigations you can have professional and diligent private detectives follow your gut feeling for you without costing you a fortune. You can reach us by calling us on 1300 850 379 or emailing and we'll arrange your free, confidential consultation.