We Bust Cheating Partners!

We do this by methodically planning together with you, strategic targeted surveillance on your partner or person of interest, to confirm or deny your suspicions of them cheating.

There can be no disputing the surveillance video evidence we obtain of a cheating partner in the act or displaying cheating behaviours.

If signs of cheating are occurring, we detect it.

What You Should Not Do!

Do not confront your partner with just your suspicions!

This will enable them to deny any infidelity, demand any proof you have and start making their own counter allegations against you!

By confronting a partner without proof they will then become even more secretive and smarter in regard to being more careful than before in covering their cheating ways! This can make getting the proof of infidelity that much harder!

Don't get your friends or attempt the surveillance yourself. These scenarios never end well and can often result in being placed in dangerous situations and illegal activities being committed.

If you want to BUST A CHEATER, then use only our licensed Private Investigators Melbourne to legally conduct your surveillance in ways that unlicenced person/s cannot.

Call the BUST A CHEAT Team for a free no cost, confidential chat.

Marriage Screening and Dating Background Checks

BUST A CHEAT also conduct background checks on those you may be considering spending the rest of your life with or have began dating, when you are seeking truth and peace of mind, before making that final committment decision.

Many have benefited from these screening services and have been able to sleep easier and prepare for their future, knowing the truth about their partner, whether it be good news or bad.

What you get?

A five star investigation!

You receive all surveillance footage of what our elite Investigations team have uncovered and a detailed summary report of the entire precise investigation, leaving you fully prepared to make the best and most informed decisions for yourself going forward into the future.

You also have the added option of communicating on a regular basis with your designated case manager and can be assured that you are always in full control of your Investigation. 


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