A gold standard, 5-star surveillance investigation!

You receive all surveillance video of what our investigations have uncovered and a detailed written report of the entire investigation. You also have the added benefit of being in daily communication with the Private Detective on your case!

This is unlike some large private infidelity investigation companies who sub contract to large numbers of inexperienced and inexpensive private investigators in order to maximise their profits.

These investigators can all too often have questionable skill sets, limited resources available to them and are sent out unsupervised to conduct the surveillance without a detailed plan of investigation.

Buyer beware!

Bust-A-Cheat | Private Investigation Packages

What this will usually mean?

  • Substantial costs passed to you, the client due to prolonged surveillance that could have been easily avoided and a subsequent lack of funds for further periods of surveillance
  • The cheating partner becomes aware/suspicious that he or she is under surveillance due to poor techniques from the inexperienced surveillance investigator, possibly ruining any further opportunities for surveillance
  • Further despair, uncertainly and increased anxiety for you, the client who has no answers or closure

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